morning jam/brandywine house

just found this video of us jamming one morning at the old brandywine house. give it a view/listen. we miss those spontaneous sessions. see it on youtube here.


KidSyc@Brandywine Interview with Jennifer Menster of Savannanow.com's Local Music Now

Unfortunately D. Larry was on his grind @ One-Eyed Lizzy's and couldn't make it.

That's why we need you guys...... so we can live off of the music and keep giving you all this hotness!!


Snapshot LIVE @ The KidSyc@Brandywine: Rapper Next Door EP release/BBQ


The Rapper Next Door EP- Free Download

Download our new EP! Kidsyc@Brandywine- The Rapper Next Door EP


Kidsyc@Brandywine Update

We just received some of our tracks back from Particle Zoo studios and man, they sound so good. We can't wait for the world to hear this stuff and we're working hard to get it out very soon. Thanks!
Well, everybody is working hard except D Major. He's just playing Wii. I'm kidding, he plays those drums like no other.


Snapshot- Brandywine featuring Kidsyc & Speak Easy

A preview of tracks to come with Kidsyc. We've been preparing our sets for the Savannah Urban Arts Festival so we haven't been recording as much but after next week we'll put the finishing touches on our collaborative EP. It's going to be worth listening to, don't miss it. Download this track here: Snapshot feat. Kidsyc & Speakeasy


Brandywine on SUAF Radio Download

We recently had some of our tracks played and were interviewed on the Savannah Urban Arts Festival Radio show on episode number 9. You can check out the online radio, listen/download any of the radio shows and learn more about the Savannah Urban Arts Festival Here. If you are listening for us on episode 9, fast forward to the 1hour, 7 minute mark. We're going to be the backing band for the opening music night of the Savannah Urban Arts Festival on Thursday, April 22nd at the American Legion (upstairs I'm assuming) so check their web site for time/directions and more info. It will be a real, real good time.Oh yeah, and we are very close to releasing the Kidsyc/Brandywine EP so keep checking this blog.






Arguments Two EP released- free download

Arguments Volume Two Free Download Here
Stay tuned: Later this week, a preview from our new tracks with KidSyc. We're about to start putting out some killer tracks together. Check out his Myspace Here and download his newest mixtape/EP Here



check it:
New EP out real soon.



ARGUMENT ONE Remaster by Particle Zoo Productions

Our friends Particle Zoo Productions in Atlanta did a re-master of our first track from the ARGUMENTS EP. Download it here. Check these guys out if you live in the ATL and want your music to be recorded or mastered, they are fully equipped for anything musical.



check out some shots from rick's photo shoot last sunday- be sure to click them and soak up the details.

Load down those files again.

If you downloaded the AGRUMENTS ONE EP and only got four songs, it would be in your best interest to try that link again. Oh, and also be sure to click on the Arguments One EP image to check out some of our record collection courtesy of Rick's awesome resolution photograph.


Arguments EP released- free download

Brandywine's debut EP release- 
free download here
photography by rick huffman
layout by shannon schebell